Modern technology has made the tracking process so much easier. Global Positioning System with a GPS tracking device allows its user to monitor the location of an asset such as vehicle, equipment, or person from anywhere in the world. Be it for personal or business use, installing a GPS tracker in your vehicle grants significant benefits.

GPS tracker for car and personal use

Tracking devices in the Philippines aids in providing enhanced security. Through the vehicle’s whereabouts, you can also track its driver and passenger’s location, such as your family. Meaning, you’ll know if your children were dropped off at school, if your elders or sick relatives arrived at their destination, if the driver is taking the vehicle to places he isn’t supposed to, and so on.

GPS fleet tracking

Business owners can now monitor the performance of their drivers. GPS tracker for bus encourages the drivers to improve their behavior and prevent them from making unnecessary trips or stops. Thus, it minimizes the costs of fuel and maintenance and increases productivity. GPS fleet tracking system is also remarkably beneficial for couriers and shipping vehicles to promote faster and safer journeys and improved customer service experience.

Vectras’ GPS tracker products

Since 2011, Vectras Inc. has been providing innovative and cutting-edge GPS-tracking solutions for vehicles to a range of businesses in the Philippines. Designed to monitor your mobile assets, Vectras’ GPS tracker products are robust, reliable, and cost-effective devices. Our 2G, 3G & 4G GPS trackers are useful for both personal or business use.

GPS tracker for cars and personal use

Plug and Play OBDII GPS tracker -- This device allows users to track any vehicles that have an OBD port. It doesn’t require a special installation process. Once it has been plugged into the port, you can then track your vehicles and see them on the map. It goes with an internal backup battery and extension cable for passenger vehicles like cars, vans, SUV, or pickup.

GPS tracker for fleet management

GPS e-lock tracker -- This is a sophisticated tracking and asset management device with a long-life battery for containers or delivery vans and a remote unlock feature. Especially tailored for container tracking and monitoring, Vectras’ GPS e-lock tracker provides great protection with less preparation or installation.

GPS trackers for vehicles and heavy equipment -- This device allows you to track and monitor your assets and big investments at a click of a button. Our GPS trackers for trucks, motorcycles, delivery vans, public transport, and heavy equipment are quick to install and easy to use.

Web and App-Based GPS tracker -- Vectras’ convenient web and app-based GPS tracker monitoring system are technologically ready. Whether you’re on your smartphone, computer, or tablet, you can track the exact location and activities of your vehicle in real-time, all with robust fleet management features.

Optional accessories include mic and speaker, temperature sensor, fuel level sensor, door sensor, and ignition disable relay.

Vectras Inc. is an LTFRB accredited GPS tracking provider with 10 years of experience in the field. Over the years, we have installed tens of thousands of GPS trackers nationwide.

Pros of Vectras GPS tracker devices

In addition to its full-featured GPS monitoring system with reliable GPS trackers and effective GPS logistics tracking, its other convenient features include:

  1. 12-months warranty
  2. Nationwide onsite installation and support
  3. Responsive customer support minimizing downtime

Vectras Inc. has been providing high-quality GPS trackers, mobile CCTV, and 4G-LTE wireless routers in the Philippines since 2011. We also offer mobile CCTV, Bus/PUV high-visibility LED destination info signs and fatigue driving sensors for safety.

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