In this modern era, technology plays a vital role in the world where a speedy and wide-reaching internet connection is a must. In the Philippines, 4G and 5G routers provide fast and wireless internet connections allowing users to stay connected and get online wherever they are!

4G (Fourth Generation) -LTE is currently the generation of fast SIM-based wireless internet access available in the major part of the country. 5G (Fifth Generation), on the other hand, is the next generation of wireless internet that’s at least 3X faster than 4G-LTE, however not widely available yet.

Whether for personal or business use, 4G and 5G routers allow users to gain fast, uninterrupted wireless internet connection. Residences can enjoy better connectivity even if they can’t get fiber or DSL wired services. This technology has also helped different businesses like warehouse shops and fleet management to drive business continuity and enhanced productivity.

Since 2011, Vectras Inc. is one of the leading providers of high-speed and seamless wireless data communications, specializing in 4G/LTE & 5G wireless routers for a range of enterprises in the Philippines.

4G and 5G Router for Cars, Private Use, and Fleet Management

ET610-LC4S CAT4 4G-LTE Industrial Router – This is a durable and reliable wireless router. They are best for high-availability internet connection requirements letting users get internet access anywhere.

ET610-LC18S CAT18 4G-LTE Industrial Router – This router has LTE-A support with up to 5XCA and multiple times faster 4G-LTE connection than CAT4. This router is widely used in vehicle WiFi, bus WiFi, and several various industries.

When installed in a vehicle, a 4G-LTE industrial router is perfect for people going from one location to another or outside the office. It provides users with 4G voice services, much higher bandwidth, lower latency, and remote access to business applications.

Additionally, these devices provide increased visibility and better control for fleet management in real-time. The 4G routers give fast and capable connectivity for onboard transit bolstering communication and supervision among fleet industries.

Aside from a high-performance processor, 4G-LTE industrial-grade routers can withstand high temperature, humidity, vibration, and other harsh environmental conditions.

Also now available, ET510 5G SOHO CPE is Vectras’ 5G router boasting its fastest connection using the available 5G signal. These are ideal for small office/home office (SOHO) and residential use. Buy this advanced 5G Router from our offficial Lazada store.

Pros of Vectras’ Industrial 4G and 5G products

Vectras Inc. has been providing SIM-based routers for 10 years. Having their services in your business also include the following perks:

  1. Nationwide onsite installation and support
  2. Responsive customer support to minimize downtime
  3. 12-months warranty
  4. Rugged and reliable routers for demanding applications
  5. Tens of thousands of routers delivered and installed

4G and 5G routers improve connectivity and give unlimited access to the internet wherever you are. These devices are also the key to enhance your management system in the fleet and other productions and operations.

Vectras Inc. provides industrial-grade 4G-LTE wireless routers for higher speeds and better connectivity anytime, anywhere. They also offer cutting-edge GPS tracking solutions and mobile CCTV equipment in the Philippines.

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