Just like everything else, security needs also change. A mobile CCTV is a system designed for recording and viewing video footage in and around a vehicle for safety and security purposes. It copes with today’s demand for protection, and offers cost-effective solutions with a fast and flexible setup that can be deployed from point A to point B.

Whether for personal or business use, CCTV for vehicles in the Philippines helps to deter theft and save people from false claims of any accidents or untoward incidents on the road. CCTV for buses, trucks, PUVs and courier vehicles also provide high-end security and compliance with government requirements.

Vectras’ Mobile CCTV Products

Vectras Inc. is a reliable supplier of innovative mobile CCTVs in the Philippines. Its range of products is ideal for personal vehicles and fleet management, and includes:

4-channel and 8-channel MDVR – The mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) serves as the heart that links and controls the CCTV cameras. It is equipped with an SD card or HDD storage, and an optional modem for remote video viewing, which can be done in real time.

Side mount external IR camera – This camera is highly durable and weatherproof, making it suitable for mounting outside the vehicle and long-term exposure to varying temperatures and environments.

Front view camera – This is a forward-facing camera designed to provide high-quality footage of the road in the driver’s perspective.

Mini IR dome camera – This camera is equipped with infrared technology to provide clear views inside the vehicle even in the dark. It comes with pan, tilt and zoom functions.

Rearview external IR camera – This camera is geared with night vision functions for optimal performance and safe driving during the day and night. This allows users to see everything behind them clearly which gives additional protection for your passengers or family.

LCD monitors – These are ideal for some installations such as on public buses that prefer to have an LCD monitor be placed so that the driver and passengers may see ongoing video footage being recorded.

Pros of Vectras Mobile CCTV products

PC or smartphone application – This is for viewing recorded or live video footage. This can be beneficial for fleet management as a reference for correct behavior of drivers or personnel. It is a most suitable and beneficial feature for CCTV for trucks.

Vectras Inc. has been installing hundreds of mobile CCTV units for 10 years. Vectras’ mobile CCTV products are LTFRB-approved, and grant several benefits for vehicles either for own use or business purposes, as follows:

  1. Nationwide onsite installation and support
  2. Responsive customer support to minimize downtime
  3. 12-month warranty
  4. Quality and heavy-duty mobile CCTV equipment used

Incorporating mobile CCTV is one of the best ways to monitor vehicles. Vectras Inc.'s mobile CCTV products provide robust, reliable and cost-efficient ways to monitor fixed or mobile assets such as vehicles in the Philippines.

Vectras Inc. supplies excellent mobile CCTV equipment for trucks, buses, PUV, and more, coupled with GPS tracking and/or remote monitoring.

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